David Shaddock P.h.D

Psychotherapy for couples, individuals and families

David Shaddock PhD


David Shaddock PhD is a nationally known expert on relationships. He is a poet, author, and psychotherapist. He maintains a private practice as a marriage and family therapist (license # MFT 20360)in Oakland, California. Dr. Shaddock was born in Los Angeles in 1948. He graduated with honors in English the University of California at Berkeley in 1969. At Berkeley he studied with the poet Denise Levertov, who became his lifelong friend and mentor. He received a Masters in psychology from Antioch University in 1982 and received a PhD in 2004 from Middlesex University in London.

As a poet, he has won numerous awards, including the International Peace Poem Prize, The Ruah Power of Poetry award for a chapbook of spiritual poems for his “After Blake” and honorable mention for the Rosenberg Award for poems on the Jewish experience. His essays and reviews have appeared in Poetry Flash and Poetry International.

He is also a nationally known expert on relationships and couples therapy. He has appeared on radio and television discussing such issues as how to have constructive fights and what are the deeper issues behind everyday struggles over money, housework, or sex. He has led seminars for couples therapists and pastoral counselors across the country and in Canada. His work with couples includes insights gained from such diverse fields as dynamic systems theory, infant research on attachment, and psychoanalysis. His work helps people grow and heal within the safety of committed relationships.

David lives with is wife and family in Berkeley, California.


Shows couples how to get unstuck and renew intimacy.

--Maggie Scarf
A dynamic new approach to couples therapy.

--Marion Solomon
Poems on faith, loss, and the longing for God.

“full of fire” --
Rabbi Arthur Waskow